Grandma, you're the best!

You are the best
grandma in the
world! Thanks
for letting us
come over
so often, I really
appreciate it.
If you ever find
this, could you
write some-
thing on it? It's pretty easy
to do. All you have
to do is the
1.look on your desktop
2.right click on it
"open with notepad"
4.type some-
thing inbetween
<P>, and </P>
5. hold on to
the Ctrl
button on your
keyboard and
push s, also on
your keyboard.
That's it! You're
done. And again,
you don't have
to, but it would
be very cool if
you did. I left a giant
space for you
to write in,
inbetween <P>
and </P>.
It should be
pretty easy to find.
It's near the
bottom of the
document, so it
should be
easy to find.

Dear Handsome
Grandson, I
found your
message, but I
am not sure
what to do now.
Do I have to
put in all those
marks or can I
just type?

You can just
type.I'll just fix
it for you. :)

Hi Grandma or
should i say
Gumma (Terri)
Love you! =)
Max and I love
to type things on
your site,
so keep checking this
Your loving
Andy Dear Grandsons, Have you checked this site lately? See you soon Grandma